Established in the year 2005, RK International is a trustworthy company that trains candidates aspiring to work in Singapore. Over 13 years of experience in training and deployment of top organization in Singapore, RK International has opened the career door for many of the Indians. Well equipped with the training resources and infrastructure, the company emerge as a Singaporean work force provider. Training starts with career counselling and course planning after clearly learning about the candidate’s capacity and other background verification.


Construction Sector

The list of courses in this sector empower the skills for working in the construction industry.

Formwork Training

This training imparts formwork skill to the candidates and bring them an experience based knowledge to work in the industry and be competitive. We have two categories in this training based on the materials used. One is Timber Formwork, the other one is Aluminum Form work. Choice is up to the candidates’ preference and suitability.

Steel Reinforcement

Reinforcement plays a major role in construction and are also paid higher. Owing to its importance, we plan syllabus accordingly to deliver experience based knowledge also to cope up with the standards in the industry.

Electrical Sector

As important as the construction sector is Electrical. So we focus much on this field. Tuning candidates according to the Singaporean standards with the state of art learning. We have trained and deployed 100+ workers in this field.We also see to it that the candidate are able to understand the site drawing and work on the specified period of time.

Plumbing Sector

Plumbing and pipe fitting is also one of the training we are specialized in. Our trainers are the experienced workers of Singapore, who can share their experience beyond knowledge. From the day 1 of training we adhere to standards very strictly and create a work place like environment. This kind of training has employed so many skilled workforce in Singapore.

Job Categories

  • Supervisor(Electrical/Mech/Civil)
  • Welders (Gas/Electric)
  • Foremen (Electrical/Mechanical)
  • Plant Operators
  • Riggers/Drillers
  • Earth Moving Operators
  • Construction Equipment Operators
  • Electricians (L.T. & H.T.)
  • Carpenters/Cabinet Markers
  • Scaffolders
  • General Worker (Low-Levy)
  • Bar Benders
  • Fire Alarm CCTV security system
  • Drivers - light and heavy
  • Safety Supervisor
  • Excavator Technician
  • Infrastructure Designer
  • Mason
  • Electrician (Building Maintenance)

Trade Categories

  • Electrical Wiring Installation(EWI)
  • Steel Reinforcement(SR)
  • Plumbing Pipe Fitting (PPF)
  • Tiling (TL)
  • Plastering (PL)
  • Timber Form Work (TF)
  • Suspended Ceiling Installation (AC)
  • Timer Door (TD)
  • Structural Steel Fitting (SSF)
  • Pipe Fitting (PF)
  • Thermal Insulation (Pipe Work) (TI)
  • Aluminium Form Work (AF)
  • Precast Kerb & Drain Laying (PKD)
  • Water Proofing (WP)
  • Safety Supervisor
  • Excavator Technician
  • Infrastructure Designer
  • Mason
  • Electrician (Building Maintenance)